Live Onsite Event: Saturday February 25th: 3:00pm - 7:30pm

Workshop #1:

Radiating with Confidence

* Learn the single most important mindset you'll ever need to live with rock solid confidence and belief in yourself

* Experience the Triad of Success practiced by great speakers and athletes and how to bring it into your own life when and where you need it

* Find beauty in your human flaws and mistakes and discover how to turn those into your greatest strengths when serving others

Workshop #2:

Living with More Joy & Gratitude

*Realign your life with what lights you up and brings passion and curiosity into your life

*Revive your heart to experience deeper gratitude for the life Allah has blessed you with

*Start designing a life that supports the person you truly want to become

Experience energy and growth with an engaging program

Write, reflect, draw, and have lightbulb moments with three interactive workshops that Wives of Jannah founder Megan Wyatt has become known for, bringing you fresh cutting edge tools and personal development techniques within an Islamic framework that will create an environment where you can experience your own transformational breakthroughs.

"Woah I didn't expect this coming....Realizing my fears, the voices inside my head that tell me I'm not good enough - what is holding me back without even realizing it. And most importantly growing emotionally! Finally wanting to change the course of my life and sticking to it bi idh nillah!" - A.S. 

"JazakAllah for such an eye opening session. I gained insights that will be valuable for me in every aspect of my life and I could not have had those lightbulb moments if you weren't there as a wonderful mentor." - T.A.