"But why be passionate about imperfections? Why not passionate about becoming better?"


There is this beautiful moment that happens every single time someone has a personal breakthrough. For a moment, it's a struggle. The ego is wrestling with the heart, asking it not to be so vulnerable and so open. But the heart, free to speak, widens and words come forth that free it from whatever darkness it's been shrouded in. 

It's a moment where someone understands why they do what they do, or why they aren't living as the person they truly are inside. 

It's a moment where the heart humbles and the soul senses it's imperfections. 

That moment right there is where personal breakthroughs happen. 

Think about it for a moment. In order to improve at anything, you have to recognize the areas which need improvement. You could be awesome at shooting a basketball into a hoop but if you aren't as amazing at dribbling across the court, your chances of being a top notch player are nil. Unless you decide to focus on the dribbling, which means admitting that it's not so hot right at this moment.

Our imperfections are the doorway to becoming better. Not the obstacle. All the places we are struggling are invitations to develop our character and to come closer to our Creator in the process. It's quite phenomenal really.  The more we recognize what's not perfect about ourselves, the more we can become better. 

Accepting your imperfections is also one of the greatest forms of strength and confidence you'll ever find. If you aren't carrying around the burden of appearing perfect all the time, you are free to be real and let people know the real you. 

You are also free to let the One who made you into your heart. You don't have to hide from Him anymore. You can just come to Him as you are, open your hands to Him, and become transformed as a servant of God.

When you become passionate about your imperfections, you become ready to grow. Then we can talk about productivity, performance, energy, creativity, and how to live so that you leave a mark on the world insha'Allah.

And that's something to be pretty excited about!

Please join us!