Salam & Welcome! 

I'm a wife, mother, speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur and a Passionate Imperfectionist who is creating a community of people who are crazy about personal development and striving to become better human beings and servants of our Creator.

I stumbled into the personal development world many years ago and have found it one of the most powerful vehicles to know myself. Of course I'm still learning and I've got a long way to go. I'm ok with that. None of us will ever arrive at perfect and flawless.

But we can arrive at a place where we live a life we feel good about and learn from the mistakes that we make along the way. It's one set of tools on the path of tazkiyah. 

I believe that our imperfections are the doorway to becoming better. Not the obstacle. 

And when you embrace that and look your imperfections in the eye can have better relationships, speak to your Creator with an open heart, and make choices that honor you and your highest purpose. 

Through coaching, programs, and events my goal is to create for others the space to make all that happen. 

So welcome. I look forward to sharing the road with you. 

Passionately Imperfect, 
Megan Wyatt

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